Make your users go “Holy Shit!” with Custom Animations

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Make your product 10x sexier with kick-ass animations

Make your users go ‘holy shit’ with Custom Animations

Motion Gurus is an animation service for startup founders.
Request unlimited custom animations for a flat monthly subscription, cancel anytime.

Unlimited animation requests

Lightning-fast turnaround

Money-back guarantee

So easy you will be saying ‘if only I had this before😭’

Hassle-free product animations

1. Get started today

Your time is precious. Sign up in minutes and request your first animation today.

2. Share the files to animate

Upload your files in SVG format and describe what the animation should do.

3. Get animations in 48 hrs.

Not happy with the result? We will rework it until your are f’ing loving it.

Take our work for a test drive! 🫠


Example feature animations


Add your new custom animations to your site in minutes

We make our animations with Rive or Lottie. Once we finish an animation, we give you hands-on help integrating your new animations on your site or product.


One pricing plan

Get started in 2 minutes. Pause or cancel anytime.

Request unlimited animations
VAT is excluded and may apply.
1% goes to CO₂ removal
Unlimited revisions
Pause or cancel anytime
Average 48 hour delivery
Money back guarantee

Don't take our word for it 🙌


Get started in 2 minutes. Pause or cancel anytime.

Questions & answers

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In what file format is the animation delivered?

Our go to format is Rive, a cutting-edge platform for building interactive animations that load fast and won't affect your SEO. If you need we can also deliver the animation in Lottie or Mpeg format.

Do you offer help integrating the animation on our site?

Absolutely. Once the animation is done, you will get detailed instructions on how to add it to your site. Rather us add the animation for you? No problem 🙌, simply add us to your Webflow or Framer site and we will add the animations for you.

I need an explainer videos with music and voice over, do you also offer that?

No, we don't create explainer videos, only standalone animated assets like the magical ones you see here and here

If you are looking for someone to help you make an explainer video, we recommend you search for a freelancer or agency specializing in that.

Who are the motion designers?

We are team of world-class interaction and motion designers. Our team is led by Diego Menchaca, a senior product designer and the founder of Product Alchemy.

Do you offer a refund?

Yes. Your decision to work with Motion Gurus is reversible and not written in stone. If you paid and within 30 days you are no happy, you get your money back.

What happens after I start my subscription?

You will get an invitation email to your Notion workspace. From there you are all set to start listing the animations you need and share with us the source files.

What is the average ETA for tasks?

Once a task is received we immediately give you an ETA. The average ETA is 48 hours.

What happens if I’m not happy with the animation?

We take your feedback very highly. If you are not happy we will rework the animation until you 100% satisfied.

How can I stop or cancel my subscription?

Very simple, just send us an email and will do it within the same day. There is no minimum contract minimum length or cancellation fee.

Still have questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out.